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We create eco-friendly solutions for providing with fresh microgreens in a sustainable way.

Our uniquely created grow kits are designed specifically with sustatinability in mind. Our solutions ensure you have a constant supply of fresh microgreens.

We are dedicated to microgreens and their health benefits.

It has been proven that microgreens are abundant in the nutrients and minerals your body needs to fight cancer cells and maintain a healthy ecosystem. We want microgreen to be accessible and in abundant fresh supply for everyone.

What our customers say

Microgreens make excellent condements and help to create a balanced meal. Best of all growing your own there is a constant supply of fresh produce to go with every meal.

Brendan S.


I had no idea about the positive health effects of microgreens until I discovered Eco Greens, what a fantastic resource. Their products have helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle and I have more energy than ever.

Gavin P.

Web Developer

I try to eat locally grown organic food as much as possible and love to grow my own food. When first I heard about microgreens I looked for simple solution to growing my own and found Eco Greens!

Albert S.


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